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Vulktech is the definite union of 2 IT Companies of Argentina (CABL and CUBITS) that want to take their winning formula to the USA Outsourcing and Software Factory’s market.
In Argentina, CABL and CUBITS (also known as CBTeam) are 2 companies with +12 years of experience and +160 employees in the present.
Our great relations with our clients give us the energy to provide high quality IT services with innovation as de driving force behind our actions.
We are also active members of CESSI Argentina
(Cámara de Empresas de Software y Servicios Informáticos) and its International Network of IT Business (Red Argentina IT).



Our Locations

Texas, USA
Utha, USA
Santa Fe, Argentina
Córdoba, Argentina

Also members of

Provide high quality IT services to Companies of all kind of business through the utilization of last generation tools and highly specialized human resources that works on an optimal and productive environment.

To be one of the most important IT companies of Santa Fe province in Argentina with a high participation on the National and International IT Market.
Working with passion makes us unstoppables. Provide innovative solutions, creating added value and reliability for our customers is our main goal. We aspire to provide first-quality services, based on top-notch technology and optimal technical support permanently.
We are fully committed to satisfy every need and expectations of our clients offering the highest quality in our products and services and an optimal attention time. We had also teams composed of experienced and well prepared professionals using top-notch technologies a continuous integration.
Dedication and passion for excellence.
Commitment and professionalism.
High quality products and services.
Customer satisfaction.
Talent loyalty and continuous motivation.
Respect for the environment and promotion of caring for it.
Corporate social responsibility.

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