Innovation as the engine of our actions.

More than 12 years providing
technological solutions.

We specialize in Outsourcing IT, covering all the steps of the software development life cycle:
analysis, coding, testing, software architecture and post-implementation services.
Even though we apply traditional IT methodologies, we make special effort developing our
work philosophy, which is hard teamwork with a quick and easy knowledge transfer.
We provide solutions and innovative IT services, oriented by the needs of our customers. We
have a good understanding of the bases of our customer’s business and we align ourselves to
their business strategy.
We understand that process optimization is essential to help improve our customer’s competitiveness and offer the best experiences and innovative solutions.

Our success relies in the trust and long-term relations that we stablish with our
customers, employees and shareholders.
We understand the “human talent” as the main asset of our service. Highly qualified
professionals with proven talent and expertise in the IT field execute our solutions.
Our US Office is located at Texas. In Argentina, our main offices are at the city of
Sunchales in Santa Fe province and San Francisco, Cordoba Province. We also have
offices at Goya (Corrientes province), Rafaela (Santa Fe province) and Asunción,
Paraguay Republic.

OutSourcing IT

We cover all the steps of the software
development life cycle: analysis, coding,
testing, software architecture and
post-implementation services.

Business Intelligence

Development, implementation and
strategic consultancy services upon
Business Intelligence Solutions

Staff Augmentation

We provide entire teams to satisfy
your project’s needs.


We integrate applications of all kinds and
we count with experienced teams on the
subject. SOAP – WCF – MQ (Message Queues)
– API Rest – WEB API
We have experience connecting SAP through
PO (Process Orchestration), especially
FI-AP/FI-AR y FS-CD modules

Data Science

Trained and experienced teams on
Data Science, Machine Learning
and Deep Learning.

Quality Assurance

Functional and non-functional (regression,
stress, loading and volume test) testing.
We use ISTQB-FL methodology, (International
Software Testing Qualifications Board-
Tests automation and services tests, using
the best tools of the market.

Human Talent

We count with a specialized team
for Human Talent Management,
being present in each of the stages
that the employee goes through in
the company, enhancing its value
and developing actions that have
a direct impact on the business.

We begin from a solid selection and
recruiting process, that guarantees
the selection of professionals with
the demanded competences for
the selected job and we encourage
them to adapt quickly our working
culture, a great asset of our company
that makes professionals to choose us
to develop themselves professionally
and personally.

Profiles we offer

Junior, semisenior and senior programmers.
Data Scientists.
Junior, semisenior and senior testers.
Junior, semisenior and senior System Analysts.
Application Integration experts.
Project Leaders
QA Leaders
Project Managers.

• ASP .Net Core.
• ASP .Net MVC 5.0 and predecessors.
• Python for DataScience, Machine Learning and Deep
(Anaconda’s Environments, Pandas, Mathplotlib, NumPy,
IPhyton y Scikit-learn).
• Google’s Tensor Flow 1.0/2.0 + Keras + PyTorch.
• XAMARIN Forms – App Center CI/CD.
• Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.
• Microsoft Power BI Services and Reports (Embedded
and Pro).
• WCF 4.5 and predecessors.
• Experience connecting services to SAP PO (Process
Orchestration), specially to FI-AP/FI-AR and FS/CD
• IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service BUS + IBM
Integration Bus (IBM WebSphere Message Broker). We
transform the services and the integration architecture of
your softwares into a SOA (Services Oriented
• IBM Data Power Gateway.
• NService BUS 5.2 and predecessors (Windows –
MSMQ- y and SQL MQ).
• Tableau 2018.
• Integration Services Packages, SQL, Reporting Services
and Analisys Services.
• Win Forms 4.5 and predecessors.
• Visual Basic 6 and predecessors.
• Scripting languages: Jquery, JavaScript, KnockOut,
Angular, Vue.js, React.
• Georeference with GoogleMaps (GIS).
• Knowledge of WITSML y WITS0 standards for the real
time administration of Petrol extraction Wells.

  • Insurance
  • Petrol
  • Accounting and
  • Finances
  • Credit Cards
  • Small business
  • Administration
  • Dairy Industries
  • Aeronautics and
  • Aerospace